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Regress OLS with 10 test
Regress OLS with 10 test to easy with R
auto select p q
Auto choose p q in arima model and garch model
Malmquist Productivity Index
Malmquist Productivity Index + Technical Efficiency + Technical Change + Technical Efficiency Change + TFP Change
Exploratory Factor Analysis in R
Exploratory Factor Analysis in R an Regress after pca
CB_SEM lavaan
Uoc luong sem tren goi lavaan
PLS_SEM with plspm in R
Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling With plspm packages in R
Multilevel Analysis
Phan tich da tang da cap hon hop tron lan fe re ...
Toi pham ma tuy Vi_Ca
Toi pham ma tuy dung bieu do thap dan so (Population Pyramid) va bieu do so sanh Dumbbell
ttest - phuong phap day hoc phu hop
dung ttest de xet phuong phap day hoc phu hop cua lop doi chung voi lop thuc hanh
corr Tuong quan
Tinh he so tuong quan cua 2 bien hay ma tran tuong quan
DoThi Multi_line
Ve do thi multi line va cach trang tri no cho dep
DoThi Thap So sanh
Ve do thi thap so sanh, dung de so sanh hai cot moc rat truc quan
DoThi Dumbble So sanh 2 moc
Ve do thi so sanh 2 moc voi dumbble do thi, cho ra ket qua truc quan va de hieu
DoThi BarPlot NamNgang
Ve do thi BarPlot nam nang, day la bieu do so sanh truc quan rat de hieu
DoThi PCI 13 tinh MienTay
Ve do thi PCI cua 13 tinh mien tay voi do thi 50.50 dang Diver DotPlot gan giong nhu Driver BarPlot
DoThi CPI mien tay 50.50
Do thi ve mien tay 13 tay cua gia tri CPI nam 2018
MAP2 : Chi so CPI cac tinh Mien Tay
Ve do thi ban do thi truong CPI cho cac tinh mien tay voi phan mem R rat de dang va truc quan, khong can phai dung toi phan mem do hoa chuyen nghiep nhu mapinf
Map: GDP Cac tinh mien tay
Ve ban do thi truong cua cac tinh mien tay voi du lieu GDP nam 2020
ttest - Phuong phap day hoc phu hop
danh gia phuong phap day hoc phu hop duoc thuc hien boi