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Chapter5 Computing Assignment
Monte Carlo Estimates of Integrals
Ch5 Computing Lab: Nuts and bolts of Simulation
This lab guides you through the various codes used in the process of MC simulation.
This lab demonstrates usage of R functions to estimate ecdf, plot ecdf, and compare theoretical and empirical distributions using qqplot and qqnorm. It also illustrates how quantiles are computing by the generic function quantile in R. Furthermore, it has two solved examples.
Regression Lab
Using Cars Data we look at various aspects of multiple regression: The question is how much is your car worth?
INtro to R part2
Intro to R Lab1
This is an initial exploratory analysis of the motor skills data
This Lab describes how to use R for 2 way ANOVA using Popcorn Data
Regression Lab: Spring 2018
We use data collected from Kelly Blue Book for several hundred 2005 used General Motors (GM) cars to explore and develop a multivariate regression model to determine car values based on a variety of characteristics such as mileage, make, model, engine size, interior style, and cruise control. In this lab we learn to look at residual plots to check for model assumptions, namely, heteroskedasticity, normality, and multicollinearity as well as explore techniques for variable selection and transformation of variables ot meet model assumptions.
Helpful R Code for ANOVA
Chapter 3_Rcodes_Statistical Methods
Regression Lab
Model1+ it's corresponding robustness tests
Model 1 *Dependent Variable * The lag of terrorist incidents involving Americans * Independent Variables The log of the population of the terrorists’ home country The log of GDP/capita of the terrorists’ home country The log of U.S. Military Aid to the terrorists’ home country The log of the area of the terrorists’ home country The Polity Democracy score of the terrorists’ home country The CINC national capacity index of the terrorists; home country Women’s economic rights of the terrorists’ home country Robustness tests R1: Model 1, plus a dummy for Muslim majority countries R2: Model 1, plus the measure for physical integrity R3: Model 1, plus the measure of American alliances R4: Model 1, plus the count of terrorist incidents in the preceding year
RWorkshop 2017
R workshop Feb 27, 2017
Simple examples using package MOSAIC PS: The examples are taken from R Workshop conducted at JMM by RJP
Chapter 2_codes_Statistical Methods
Making connections between t-test, Regression and ANOVA using an online game data
This is a basic demonstration of using package knitr with RStudio.Follow the steps enumerated below: 1) Compile your R code. 2) Save it in the working directory 3) Click on the notebook sign in the console of RStudio and run