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Data Journalism slides
Probability Lab
Probability Lab
Chapter 18 Chi Square
Household Debt Tutorial
GIS Tutorial
R Lab 4 - Distributions
Simulating Sampling
This exercise will help visualize the Central LImit Theorem
Lab 2 MATH 217
Airquality Markdown in Quarto
Quarto with Palmer Penguins
US Border Crossing
Summer RISE first doc
Global Covid Cases and Deaths
Graphs of 3-D Functions in R
MATH 217 - Lab 1
MATH 217 R Lab 1 in Base R
UN Votes
MATH 217 Chapter 2 Homework
Spring Survey Results
GIS Tutorial Updated 7-8-20
Data 110 GIS - NYC Asbestos Complaints
This work was adapted from the final project of former student, Lucy Murray
Data 110 Data Journalism
Explore a dataset that looks at doctor experts paid by Pfizer and incidents of misconduct
COVID19 Data Exploration
Initial COVID-19 Exploration
MATH 217 Lab 4 Distributions
DATA 110 Mining for Tweets Tutorial
Data 110 Week 3 More Tidyverse
MATH 217 Lab 2 - Intro to Data
Introduction to Data
MATH 217 Lab 1 - Intro to R and R Studio
This is a markdown file of Intro to R and R Studio Lab.