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Ecological Inference
Slide deck for the EI RPV analyses
Bivariate Regression
Slide deck for Bivariate Ecological Regression
homogenous precinct analysis
Here are the slides for homogenous precinct analysis.
RPV - Intuition
We will learn about the logic underlying racially polarized voting (RPV) analyses. Specifically, we will talk about how you define it, how you gather data for it, and what it means to analyze data to check for it.
RPV - Introduction
This is the introductory slide deck from my crash course on racially polarized voting (RPV) analysis.
Here is the mini lecture for race, the media, and campaigns
This is the mini-lecture for the week on colorism/skin tone bias
This is the mini-lecture on race, voting, and political representation
Obama Effects
This is the mini-lecture for the week on The Politics of Race in the Obama Era - November 9
Political Involvement
This is the mini-lecture on race and political involvement
Here is the mini-lecture on intersectionality
Social ID
Here is the mini-lecture on social identity and racial attitudes
Race, partisanship, and political ideology
Mini-lecture on the readings about conflict and coalition
Min-lecture on race and political empowerment
Mini-Lecture on (group) power threat/racial threat
Double Consciousness, Etc.
Replace the old file with this one.
Double Consciousness, Etc.
Let's explore what the term means, and how the experience of double consciousness varies depending on a person's racial perspective.
Meanings and Measures of Race
We define what race is, talk about how scholars make sense of it, and explore the political implications of racial meaning/measurement correlates
A Tour of PLSC 597-004
The goal of this mini-lecture is to give a "bird's eye" view of the class