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Medicare and Medicaid
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Based on NIPA update in Sept 2023
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Data from eurostat
KOF Globalization Index
US Balance of Payments
International transactions
US trade, 2021-22
Exercise for BA260
GDPNow estimate
Data from Atlanta Fed
Inflation in Europe
Data from Eurostat and FRED
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Interest rates
Data from FRED
Components of GDP
Incomes of countries
With adjustments for PPP and population
U.S. presidents and the economy
State of the economy under various administrations
US National Debt
Data from FRED
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Data from FRED
Press Freedom
Data from Reporters Without Borders
Food and energy prices
Data from FAO
Civil Wars
Data from Correlates of War project
Progress in the poorest countries
Data from World Bank
Data from Transparency Intl and World Bank
Mass Shootings
Data from Gun Violence Archive
chatGPT Regression
Anova, linear regression and logistic regression
Vehicle fuel economy
MPG and CO2 emissions
Core courses: 2023 April
Courses by departments
Pennsylvania County Incomes
Data from Census ACS
College finances
Regional colleges
Indian Women in the Labor Force
Labor participation rate and employment-population ratio
Courses offered in Etown
Data from college website
Core courses
Data from
IMF growth forecasts
World Economic Outlook projections for 2023 and 2024
Bank Profits
Data from FDIC
Democracy in the world
V-Dem data
US Health Expenditures
Trends in spending in dollars and as percent of GDP
US State Incomes
Rich and poor states
Poverty in South Asia
Decline in poverty
Brexit and growth in Europe
Has Brexit been good for the UK?
BA260: Linear model
Using gapminder
Components of GDP
State incomes in India
Data on net domestic state product from RBI
Ba2650: Barplots
Barplots using gapminder data
BA260: Plots, plots, plots!
Intro to plots using the gapminder package
BA260: Data types
Truthiness in plots
World food prices
Data from FAO
CEO pay
Are CEOs being paid enough?
India's trade balance
Export and import data from UNCTAD