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From .txt to .csv
The chess tournament text file is written in a format that is not legible in R. This file needs to be re-structured in order to find the average pre-tournament score.
Regular expressions, a powerful tool that enables you to search for complex patterns in text. - A regular expression is defined as a sequence of characters that represents a pattern that might or might not be present in any given string.
Super Bowl Ads
The American Super Bowl is a statement in the Advertisement industry due to the creative nature of their ads. Every year many brands showcase their best pieces of advertisement and see which team did it better This time we are asking the question - what is behind the creation of the ads? Was it funny? did it use sex to sell the product? did it feature a celebrity?
Pet Adoptions
When looking to add a new fury friend to the Family the thought of “Adopting” instead of buying is encouraged. However, in order to find a good fit for a home, the new pet owner needs to consider some aspects about the animal before the adoption process. Where are they coming from?, vaccinated?, have they been in a special needs home before? are they house trained?