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Fuel-Substitution Cost Effectiveness Analysis, with GHG Adder, HVAC and DHWHeat Pump Measures 2024-04-26
This is a corrected analysis with where the extra GHG Adder impact is only inclusive of Methane Leakage from the pipes. This analysis is looks at Residential Fuel-Sub Measures and the extra GHG Adder includes upstream leakage in the pipelines and behind-the -meter leakage.
Gas GHG Adder Impact
TRC analysis for CEC
Gas GHG Adder Impact
Fuel-Substitution Cost Effectiveness Analysis, HVAC and DHW Heat Pump Measures
If EE factored Participant Utility Bill Savings Benefits or the Costs of Infrastructure upgrades, how would this impact the TRC of Fuel-Sub projects? To explore this question, Calculate Gas Benefits with Utility Bill Savings, and Total Costs with Infrastructure Costs of the Fuel-Sub Measures claimed in PG&E’s 2023 Plug Load and Appliance, and Upstream HVAC Programs in Single Family Homes.