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DocumentA Microclimatic Analysis Using Temperature Data: An Assessment in Chattogram City Corporation, Bangladesh
Bangladesh is regarded as one of the most exposed and vulnerable countries to climate change. (Climate change and Bangladesh Department of Environment, Government of People’ Republic of Bangladesh. Climate Change Cell, Dhaka, 2007). Chattogram City, situated along the southeastern coastline of Bangladesh, is not only a bustling urban center but also a unique microcosm of diverse climate phenomena. Climate is the long-term average of the meteorological factors in a particular area. (Rakib, M. R., & Islam, M. N. 2017). Climate, as a broader concept, encompasses the long-term patterns and averages of temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind patterns, and atmospheric conditions that characterize a particular region. These patterns typically span several decades or centuries and play a vital role in shaping the environment, ecology, and human activities in a given area. The meteorological factors in a microclimate may differ from the circumstances that predominate in the surrounding area (Adams, 2007).
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