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Database System ~ CRUD WebApp with PHP and MySQL
1 Introduction 2 What is a CRUD? 3 Getting Started 4 CRUD With PHP And MySQL 5 CRUD on the CRUD Page
Econometrics ~ Time Series Graphics
1 Introduction 2 Time Series objects 3 Time Plots 4 Time Series Patterns 5 Seasonal Plots 6 Seasonal Subseries Plots 7 Scatterplots 8 Lag Plots 9 Autocorrelation 10 White Noise
Econometrics ~ Heteroskedasticity
1 Introduction 2 What is Heteroskedasticity? 3 Identify Heteroscedasticity 4 Heteroskedasticity Tests 5 Consistent Standard Errors 6 GLS: Known Form of Variance 7 Grouped Data 8 GLS: Unknown Form of Variance 9 Heteroskedasticity in the LPM
Econometrics ~ Regression Using Indicator Variables
* Factor Variables * Comparing Two Regressions * Indicator Variables (Log-Linear) * The Linear Probability Model * Treatment Effects * Diff-in-Differences Estimator * Using Panel Data
Survival Analysis ~ Simple Case Study
1 Data Description 2 Objectives 3 Basics of Survival Analysis 4 Cox-Prop Hazard Model 5 Cox Model Assumptions
Database System ~ SQL Join Table
1 What is a SQL join? 2 Relational Database Example 3 Basic SQL Join Types
Econometrics ~ Basic Multiple Regression
1 Introduction 2 The General Model 3 Multiple Regression in R 4 CI in Multiple Regression 5 HT in Multiple Regression 6 Model Accuracy Assessment 7 Interaction Terms in Regression 8 Polynomial Regression Models
Econometrics ~ Simple Regression Prediction
In this chapter, we cover the following subsections: ~ Predicting a Particular Value ~ Goodness-of-Fit ~ Linear-Log Models ~ Residuals and Diagnostics ~ Polynomial Models ~ Log-Linear Models ~ The Log-Log Model
Econometrics ~ Interval Estimation and Hypothesis Testing
In this chapter, we cover the following subsections: ~ The Estimated Distribution of Regression Coefficients ~ Confidence Interval in General ~ Example: Confidence Intervals in the food Model ~ Confidence Intervals in Repeated Samples ~ Hypothesis Tests ~ The p-Value ~ Testing Linear Combinations of Parameters
Database System ~ Connecting R to SQL
Here, you will learn how to connect R to SQL, Write table, Read Table, and Basic SQL.
Econometrics ~ Introduction to Econometrics
1 What is Econometrics? 2 Aims of Econometrics 3 Types of Data 4 Aggregation Problem 5 Econometrics and Regression
Prediksi Harga Rumah dengan Regresi Linear
Regresi Linear
Klasifikasi Penggemar Anggur Menggunakan Logistik, k-NN, Naive Bayes, Decision Tree, & Random Forest
Logistik, k-NN, Naive Bayes, Decision Tree, & Random Forest
Analisis Segmentasi Pelanggan E-commerce
Megunakan RFM dan Metode K-means
Webinar Career Series I ~ Pengenalan Data Science dan Aplikasinya dalam Bisnis
Pengenalan Data Science dan Aplikasinya dalam Bisnis