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My Framing Analysis
ALICE data map
Easy map-making in R
Week 10 lab solution
Fetching, graphing and mapping ACS data in R
This script will extract, graph and map county-level broadband access estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey for counties in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. It can be easily modified to do the same with other ACS estimates for other areas and geographic levels.
Lab 3 demo
Internet and computer access in Tennessee among people under 18, 2018-2022
Source: 2022 Five-Year American Community Survey.
R Markdown demo
Data Visualization Exercise
An exercise to evaluate your ability to produce basic data visualizations in R.
Intro to data visualization in R
An introduction to data visualization in R.
Demo: Multiple regression with an interaction
A demonstration of multiple regression with an interaction, calculated in R
Week 3 Work
Example RPubs write-up
Demo script for generating descriptives and selected graphs.
Trump Biden Coverage Comparison
A quick R script for using GDELT data to compare Trump and Biden coverage volume between two user-customizable dates.
Division-level population change in the 901 area code, 2016-2021
An R script for calculating and mapping division-level population change in the 901 area code (Memphis, Tennessee, with Tipton and Fayette counties), according to the five-year American Community Survey datasets for 2016 and 2021.
R Data Analysis Guide
his guide can help you decide which statistical procedure to use when your analysis involves one dependent variable and one independent variable, as long as you know which variable is which, and whether each variable is measured categorically or continuously. Once you have settled on a procedure, click the procedure to jump to some code that you can copy into R and run after modifying it to specify the names of the data file and variables involved. You’ll also find links to worked examples for each procedure.
Sync map text
Population change in the Nashville area, 2016-2021
Source: American Community Survey county-subdivision-level population estimates, U.S. Census Bureau.
Nashville-area population change by district, 2016 to 2021
Source: 2016 and 2021 Five-Year American Community Surveys.
Mapping Small-Area Fair Market Rent
Map Small-Area Fair Market Rent estimates from HUD for a set of user-specified ZIP codes.
Small-Area Fair Market Rent Map
Retrieves and maps small-area fair market rent estimates from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for a user-specified list of ZIP codes and for a user-specified year.
R Data Analysis Guide
A quick guide to computing selected inferential statistics in R.
Wrangling and mapping National Bridge Inventory data with R
This R script will retrieve all 2022 National Bridge Inventory data for Tennessee, filter for bridges in Rutherford County, Tennessee, pare the data to 14 key variables, save the pared dataset locally as a .csv file, then map all bridges in the filtered, pared dataset that have a rating of “Poor.” The script can be modified to work with data from other counties in other states.
Basic Word Counter
Rutherford County 2021 Median Gross Rent by County Subdivision
Source: 2017-2021 American Community Survey data.
SEC R Workshop Basics
SEC R Workshop Basics.
GDELT Headline Scrape
GDELT Headline Scrape
Census County Division Slider Map
Use this R script to specify a U.S. county and two mutually exclusive five-year time periods, then extract and map county-division-level variable estimates and error margins for the specified county and time periods from the U.S. Census Bureau API. The script will produce a “slider map” that allows a user to compared data for the two time periods by pulling a horizontal slider bar across the map.
Slider Map in R
Tract-level population shifts in Rutherford County, Tennessee, 2016 and 2021 5-year ACS.
County Demographics Fetch
Twitter Agendas R Script
TF-IDF analysis demo
Demonstration of how to calculate TF-IDF scores for tokenized Twitter content.
RTweet timeline scrape demo
A demonstration of how to scrape a Twitter user timeline using the RTweet package.
Nashville crime map
A map of reported crimes in Metro Nashville, Tennessee, pulled from the Nashville Open Data Portal,
An R script for extracting, analyzing, and graphing county-level median rent estimates from the single-year American Community Survey for counties contiguous to Davidson County, Tennessee.
Plotting coverage of "Trump" and "Biden" using GDELT 2.0 API data.
Draft Figure 5
Draft Figure 4
Draft Figure 3
Draft Figure 2
Using RTweet
Three distinct, but complementary, R scripts for retrieving and analyzing Twitter content using RTweet version 1.02.
Average weekly COVID-positive patients at Rutherford St. Thomas Hospital, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Peloton volume, Jan. 1 2020 to May 15, 2022
Daily volume of articles mentioning "Peloton," Jan. 1, 2020 to May 15, 2022.
Test of Nashville crime map
Demo of a Nashville crime map using recent crime data.
Test of Nashville crime map
A test map using recent Nashville crime data.
Map of rents