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CUNY - DATA624 - HW9
Decision Tree Exercises
CUNY - DATA624 - HW8
Modeling with Support Vector Machines, K-Nearest Neighbors and MARS
CUNY - DATA624 - HW7
Linear Regression models on Compound Permeability and Chemical Manufacturing Processes
CUNY DATA624 - Project 1
Forecasting ATM Cash Withdrawals and Residential Power Consumption with ETS and seasonal ARIMA models
CUNY - DATA624 - HW6
ARIMA modelling
CUNY - DATA624 - HW5
Forecasting time series using Holt-Winters models, etc .
Visualization and Imputation of the Glass and Soybean datasets from mlbench
Time Series Decompositions
Box-Cox Power Transformations and lambda parameter calculations
Time Series Visualization using fpp2 package
Logistic Regression on Car Insurance Data
CUNY DATA 605 Wk12
Looking at LifeExp Regression models
CUNY DATA 605 Wk12 Discussion
Prediction Horseshoe Crab Carapace Width
Regression on Quality of Life Indices
CUNY DATA606 - Wk10
Using Markov Chains
CUNY - DATA 605, HW Week 2
Proving a matrix times its transpose is not associative. Also creating a function to perform LDU decomposition of any size square matrices.
CUNY- DATA 605, Wk1 HW
Elementary matrix calculations, LU Matrix Decomposition
CUNY - DAT606, Final Project
Investigating the relationship between TOEFL and SAT scores.
CUNY DATA607 - Final Project
A dataframe of frequently occurring TOEFL vocab words with Chinese translation
CUNY - DATA607 Tidyverse Project
Exploring the relationship between Income and Fear of Earthquakes
CUNY DATA606- Lab8, ZHerold
Lab 8, performing multi-variate regression analysis on course evaluation ratings at the University of Texas Austin.
CUNY - DATA606 Lab5
Hypothesis testing of numeric variables, using pregnancy data
CUNY DATA606 - Chapter 7, Herold
Exercises on Linear Regression
CUNY DATA606 - Lab7 - Moneyball Regressions
Looking at 7 traditional variables and 3 "Moneyball" variables as predictors of runs during the 2011 MLB season.
CUNY DATA 607 - Discussion 11
Recommendation Engines:
CUNY - DATA 606, Lab 6, Zachary Herold
A closer look at confidence intervals, using a survey on atheism.
CUNY - DATA 607, Project 4
A prelude into machine learning, modeling the SpamAssassin spam/ham classifier
CUNY DATA 607 - Wk9 New York Times API
Converting JSON code loaded from the NYT API into a dataframe.
CUNY - DATA 606, Lab 4b, Zachary Herold
Lab 4 continued
CUNY DATA606 - Chapter 4 - Herold
Foundations for Inference exercises
CUNY - DATA607 Wk7 Web Scraping
Creating HTML, XML and JSON files, then loading them into R and converting them into dataframes.
CUNY DATA606_Chapter3
CUNY DATA607 Project 2_ZHerold
An exploration of cabin class's impact on survival rates for men, women and children aboard the Titanic
CUNY DATA607 Wk5 Dplyr Assignement
Performing Data Transformations of Airline delay data out of five Western US cities
CUNY - DATA 606, Lab 2, Zachary Herold
Comparing the streaks of Kobe Bryant versus a simulated shooter, investigating the "hot hand" hypothesis.
CUNY DATA 607 Project 1 - Chess Tournament Cross Table
Using Regex to extract chess data from a txt file.
CUNY DATA607 Wk3 Regex Assignement
Manipulating a Simpson's names dataframe.
CUNY DATA606 - Chapter 1 Assignment_Herold
Questions from the OpenIntro course
CUNY - DATA 607, Wk2 Assignment
In conjunction with movrate.sql from MySQL server. Looks at movie ratings randomly generated.
DATA606 _Lab0——ZacharyHerold
Various calculations and visualizations of Boy-Girl birth data from 17th Century and today.
CUNY - DATA 607, Wk1 Assignment
UCI Repository data on Mushrooms, subsetted, with columns and values renamed.