Miguel B. S.

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WordSmart Application Pitch
Presentation of the WordSmart Shiny-based web app.
Data Science Capstone - Milestone Report
This document is a report showing basic information about the dataset and basic text mining operations. This document explains only the major features of the data that have been identified and briefly summarizes the plans for creating the prediction algorithm and Shiny app in a way that is understandable to a non-data scientist manager.
Developing Data Products Week 4. Assignment
The presentation pitch for the Berlin_Listings shiny app
Developing Data Products W3. Assignment
Create a web page presentation using R Markdown that features a plot created with Plotly. This web presentation, features the mtcars dataset
World Cities by Population
This document is my assignment for: Developing Data Products Week 2
Reproducible Research Assignment 2: Weather, health & econ in the US
This document is the HTML output for the document: Effect of severe wether events in population health & economic impact across the United States.