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Next Word Prediction
Capstone Project for the Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization - Next Word Prediction
Data Science Capstone - first simple model
. This is the first step in building a predictive text mining application. You will explore simple models and discover more complicated modeling techniques.
Shiny Application and Reproducible Pitch
Shiny Application and Reproducible Pitch for Course Developing Data Products on Coursera
Web page presentation using R Markdown
Create a web page presentation using R Markdown that features a plot created with Plotly.
Assignment:1 (Course Developing Data Products)
Population of regional centers of the Republic of Belarus
Weather Events influence on population health and economic
Analysis of data which U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) starts to accumulate in the year 1950 and end in November 2011 for identifying most harmful events with respect to population health and events with the greatest economic consequences.