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Comfort Ye
Joe is coming.
Covid-19: Kenya and Sierra Leone
Some comparative statistics and trends
World COVID-19 Tracker
Total confirmed cases by country. Table of top 10.
US COVID-19 Tracking byState
States in continental US plus Washington, DC Cases and cases per 100,000 population
Rwanda Covid19 Today
up-to-date stats
Rwanda Covid19 Today
Updated data and analysis for Rwanda
Sibé Thiam
Business Card
COVID-19: Kenya and Rwanda
Rwandans are currently welcome in Europe. Kenyans are not.
COVID-19: Florida Counties
Comparisons using the metric: sum of new cases per 100,000 in past 14 days
covid19 in Jacksonville, Floria
Planned site for Republican national convention.
Florida COVID Data
Rt score
COVId19 in France
Lockdown easing: Is it data driven?
Covid_19: Oklahoma
Rt Rerproducittve Number
COVID19 in New York City
Is the first wave over?
COVID-19: New cases and Stringency Indices
Mali, Mauritania and Senegal
Mali: COVID-19 Progress
Updated data and statistics
Mali Geography
Mapping at all levels from country to arrondissements
Mine: Latest COVID-19 Stats
Thanks to the covid19us R Package
COVID-19 Testing in the US
It took 50 days for testing at scale to begin
Maine: COVID-19 Testing
Positive, Negative and Total Tests
West Africa - COVID=19 Trends_2
Maps with top and bottom countries for cases per 100,000
West Africa COVID-19 Progression
Barplot of Updated Cases by Country
Continental Staes & Washington, DC Tracker
WHO data and analysis by region
COVID-19 Tracking
Michigan and Minnesota
COVID-19 Cases in West Africa
Colorful Maps and Analyses
COVID-19 in Maine
County Comparisons
Ohio and selected counties
Comparison of Mali and Senegal Trends
Maine County Trends
cCOVID-19 Trends
USA compared with Russia
Introducing an R package named 'covdata'
It provides access to several datasets. This one describes worldwide national policies. and I chose Mali as an example.
COVID-19 Trends in Mali
This analysis compares the results from two major data sources: Europe and Johns Hopkins University.
Kelly Land Automatic
Coding automatically adjusts dates for loading and analysis.
Trends in West Africa
New Zealand Speaks Math
Comparison of d New Zealand COVID-19 data growth curves to theoretical exponential and sigmoid curves.
Kelly Land
COVID-19 Trends in Maine Confirmed cases per 100,000
COVID-19 Trends
Us versus Italy
COVID - 19 : US Hotspots
Barcharts of Total Confirmed Cases per 100,000 Population
West Africa - COVID=19 Trends
Francophone Countries
COVID-19 April 24 Data Germany vs US Trend Comparisons
COVID-19 Trends Comparison of Maine and Washington, DC
Shared Birthdays
An R program to calculate the probability that of 30 randomly chosen people, at least two have the same birthday.